Recommended Websites that we support for sharing Videos and thoughts and more

Version 2 updated

These sites are Alternative to mainstream websites

Rumble Video - Video
Telegram chat – Chat
My Lords Ministries Chatroom Primary
Discord chat -chat
Freespoke – search engine alterative,  
Gettr - instagram alternate
Proton Mail - Gmail alternative with security and privacy in mind

So if you have a channel or an account with the above we maybe willing to share your channel on our site my lords ministries  in the website section  and we may even share a little in the main content area like where you are reading this…  


Twitter?  Now owned by elon musk(not sure if we will support this or note but for now we will)

Sites we don’t support anymore

Facebook /meta

NOTE this list will be updated and adjusted as needed, if you have sites to recommend please contact us…

Though many of us may still visit sites like youtube and facebook and twitter etc even have channels its time to make adjustments with the days we are in, some sites are censoring speech and even taking videos down or such..

We rather support and share your channels from alternative sites, but we still may share some channels from places like youtube or instagram or twitter ,  1 site we Will no longer support is facebook…  no links will be shared if ever possible, with the direction of that site….

If you have to many accounts for sharing now is the time to pick the sites that honor God and the bible the most…   so for example if you have a youtube channel  now might be the time the time to move your videos to a better site like rumble video, where your content is not as censored and you can say a lot more in your videos…

In a different article I will share what platforms we are on for you to join there if you wish

if you wish you have your site or channel added to My Lords Ministries  contact us here

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