155559 Praying Hands

 Dear Heavenly Father,

Forgiveness is a powerful word, as it also brings us believers into UNITY…  Unity among families, and relatives, and friends, But more importantly among your CHURCH of Believers, as you are preparing to Rapture and each of us are getting ready for you as we unify together, in one accord according to your scriptures.

We pray for forgiveness, of ourselves and others.  We may not deserve anything in return, but we realize forgiveness brings unity among us.

We as individuals, of believers and unbelievers both have sinned at one time or another. As Believers we fail to forget that we should be the example and light/salt of the earth as you showed us, we realize that some believers are unable to do the same as others or should I say led by you to pray and forgive and lead in various others ways.

We then look at your teachings Lord and you also say to forgive one another, if we are single, married, or have friends both offline and online

As we forgive one another it will make our spirits less burdensome and allow the light to shine brighter through us in the world, as your Scripture says in Ephesians 4 32 And b

e ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you

The Leadership of this world has failed the regular citizen no matter what country we live in.  In John 3:17 your word is this, 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.  As it is said you came to SAVE ALL Man Kind but not to condemn us. To our leaders of our cities, states, and leaders of our countries, that also includes leaders of other countries of whom we also should pray for, not just for 1 thing, but 1 thing plus SALVATION for their souls to seek you out, Lord Jesus…

With that said, we realize you have given us Free Will, to believe in you, and to forgive.  As that is one of the truest ways of unconditional love.   As Lord you do not press us to accept us that is our choice, yet should we seek you, you will by all means accept our forgiveness.

Your world is dimming and  as you know when the Rapture and Tribulation are coming . May  We forgive others, we may also help plant seeds now while we can to lead those to you Lord so they may be saved…. And for those going through the Tribulation may those Saved Believers see the light and help others and be strong in faith.


In my mind and heart I keep hearing words like LOOK UP, TIME IS SHORT, I AM COMING, the Rapture is near and at the Door,   it’s just a matter of WHEN…  That is why Salvation is so important today, not only should we speak it, but share how it relates to the past and present, and what is yet to come in Scriptures and the world.

Time for you

Lord is Much different than Time to us as Humans… Urgency is a factor as your Scriptures point out, No one knows the Time nor hour, you will come as a thief in the night Lord, as we are currently in a time of grace, this time is ending,  Various believers have a difference of a timing of when the Rapture will occur, if its pretrib or mid trib etc… ONLY YOU truly know as we done and scriptures states that clearly…   You Turned Saul in to Paul as an apostle/disciple and teacher to others through you,  he became a flawed Godly man writing most of the New Testament…   what he wrote was through you as 2nd Timothy 3:16 says. The bible is true and infallible, and through Paul you showed us what is yet to come and how.

As humans and your creation we misinterpret the bible the way you have scriptures written for YOUR PURPOSE, we ask forgiveness in this as it can cause division among us….  You know what you have the written and what it means and why these prophets and you said these scriptures a specific way….

Many Believers use and recommend different versions of the bible, but you know which version is closet to your words, the words you spoke, as well as those given to your prophets in an inspired Godly way to write.

We as humans jumble up the versions and twist the real meaning of these versions of your word through the years and centuries and by doing so cause discussion and debate.   Your word is sound as stating in 2nd Timothy 3:16 no one can dispute the real meaning, yet many have proven how newer versions of your Gospel have missing words, like Lord or change HOLY SPIRIT to just Spirit and so on, in various versions and specific verses of your word as it was written down by YOUR HOLY MEN AND PROPHETS and state

d also by the King of Kings Jesus Christ, In Hebrew and Greek…  

These publishers and such need forgiveness for such twisting of what your word is supposed to say….   Yet we also know this is supposed to be for the apostasy to take place your way…

Our thoughts or not your thoughts, and as we try and read and study your word Lord, we should look at the scriptures through a different mindset and view… that is yours… We are not you as God, Lord, but we may want to look at these scriptures a little differently than how we have in the recent past.

Through doing so we may get a little more clarity and agreement with others.

In Jesus Name we pray

Written by M. Yale